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Fashion Marketing

Sign up Now! This course teaches you how to market fashion, bringing the world’s fashion from the designer’s studio to wholesale showrooms and retail outlets. You will learn a wide range of business activities in fashion, branding, retail, merchandising and international marketing that fosters creativity, innovation and good business acumen.

Fashion Marketing is an exciting field that opens up many opportunities in the fashion industry. It’s one of the major components that drive the industry. You will learn how to develop, analyse and implement brand strategies, study buying and merchandising practices, plan and execute effective advertising and promotional strategies. As the fashion and retail industries continue to grow, more trained fashion marketers and managers are needed by fashion houses to remain competitive.

The broad-based skills acquired in this course can be applied to many areas such as marketing, merchandising, publishing, advertising and fashion show productions as well as luxury goods and mainstream consumer products. Our Fashion Marketing graduates will be ready to assume professional work in the fast-paced fashion industry in public relations and marketing consultancies.

You will work with classmates on professional presentations with real-world scenarios and you will complete your Fashion Marketing requires an eye for style and a head for business and will put you at the intersection of both. A winning recipe to take it into your first job once your graduate.
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For the top-up degree programme,
students must transfer to an overseas
Raffles College to complete their 3rd year bachelor’s
1-Year Diploma Modules
Computer Application
Colour for Designers
Marketing Foundation
Fibers and Textiles
History of Costume 1/2
Digital Image
Processing (CAD)
Digital Photography
Buying Principles
Design History and Culture
Fashion Marketing
and Merchandising
Market Research
Global Supply
Chain Management
Integrated Fashion
Product Development
Garment Typology
Financial Management
1-Year Higher Diploma Modules
Fashion Coordination
and Promotion
Consumer Behavior
20th Century Styles
and Trends
Marketing on the web
Brand Management
Visual Merchandising
Project 1/2
Fashion Journalism
Sensorial Marketing
Q&A: Admission Process
More To enquire more information about the programs, tuition fees, requirements for non-experienced designers, please fill in the enquiry form and we will contact you back as soon as possible! Let’s design your success and future together!
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