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Interior Design

Sign up Now! The designer not only works on the aesthetic, but also the functional, social, safety and cultural aspects of the inner space environment.

Raffles’ interior design course will give you the confidence and skill you need to really make a difference in this booming discipline. A successful interior designer needs to understand the technical requirements of a project, as well as have good interpersonal communication skills and management strategies. This major will teach you an appreciation of design, lighting and colour, and provide you with technical skills to create unique spaces.

You will learn to convert your ideas from conceptual drawings to detailed building specifications and technical drawings of practical projects which will challenge you to find creative, functional solutions to a variety of briefs.

There is a very good balance between the theories that underpin the understanding and articulation of design ideas and concepts, and the hands-on practical application of those theories.

To fully support you, we provide the appropriate building, construction and communication technologies to give you the confidence needed to have an impact on your professional world. From awkward domestic spaces to vast shopping malls, interior design is a diverse and global discipline which can take you and your talent wherever you want to go.
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For the top-up degree programme,
students must transfer to an overseas
Raffles College to complete their 3rd year bachelor’s
Diploma Module List
Computer Application
Colour for Designers
Drawing for Designers
Creativity and
Problem Solving
Interior Design
Principles and Theory
Digital Image Processing (CAD)
Presentation Drawing 1/2
Architectural Drafting
Design History
and Culture
Interior Materials
& Finishes
Furniture History
and Application
3D Computer-Aided-Drawing
Design Studio
1 (Residential)
Building Technology
and Construction
Higher Diploma Module List
Design Studio 2 /3/4
Construction Studies 1/2
Computer Rendering
and Animation
Environmental Lighting
Budget, Costing
and Documentation
Professional Practice
Q&A: Admission Process
More To enquire more information about the programs, tuition fees, requirements for non-experienced designers, please fill in the enquiry form and we will contact you back as soon as possible! Let’s design your success and future together!
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