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Business Management

Sign up Now! Management is an exhilarating career choice if you have a broad interest for the stimulating world of business. It will allow you to work in a wide range of office administrative roles that are in high demand worldwide.

Business industry is very versatile; our syllabus is evolving constantly, not only in response to general knowledge itself, but also to the evolving nature of the commercial industries. The courses offer a broad range of management issues and solutions, taught and guided by a pool of dedicated, well qualified international lecturers.

Through lectures, assignments and research, students examine topics such as Business Law, Strategic Management, Business Policy and Risk Management. Students learn how to apply their knowledge and skills to different real-world scenarios through case studies and project-based methods.

This programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to work in this dynamic and exciting industry. With a sound knowledge of the basic principles associated with commerce and management, you will gain access to employment opportunities in management across different industry sectors.
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For the top-up degree programme,
students must transfer to an overseas
Raffles College to complete their 3rd year bachelor’s
Diploma Module List
Computer Application
Marketing 1/2
Financial Management 1/2
Human Resource
Management 1/2
Business Statistics 1/2
Operational Management 1/2
Presentation & Etiquette
Business Report 1
Higher Diploma Module List
Research Methods
Business Creativity
Strategic Management
of Technologies
Business Law
Entrepreneurship 1/2
Business Innovation
Strategic Management
of Innovation
Small Business Operation
Advertising & PR
Business Portfolio
Q&A: Admission Process
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