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Visual Communication

Sign up Now! Studying graphic design will encourage you to identify and develop your own individual creative personality. The course provides a structure which opens the door to your creativity and personal growth. It will provide all the necessary ingredients including freedom, structure and encouragement, empowering your personal and professional life.

First you will master the basics. You will begin by learning all the practical and theoretical skills needed. With confidence and expertise in these core skills, you will start to explore all the different areas of graphic design, including advertising, editorial design, package design and website design.

You will be given individual tuition by industry-based lecturers and encouraged to focus your energies on developing your own personal creativity. Taught by inspiring lecturers, you will gather great skills, techniques and useful knowledge in a diverse range of areas including illustration, multimedia, and history of graphic design. Gathering skills and technical knowledge in a diverse range of areas, you will graduate with the ability to find creative solutions to problems using your own individual style.

By the end of the course, you will be confident, capable and ready to take on the world of interior designing. You will graduate with a strong sense of creative wisdom that will be greatly valued and highly desirable to future employers. You will also have created for yourself an outstanding portfolio of high quality work that will showcase your individual style, talent and specialist skills to a world that is full of exciting opportunities.
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For the top-up degree programme,
students must transfer to an overseas
Raffles College to complete their 3rd year bachelor’s
Diploma Module List
Computer Application
Colour for Designers
Drawing for Designers
Drawing for Designers
Creativity and
Problem Solving
Design Principles
Digital Image Processing (CAD)
Digital Photography
Basic of Typography
Design History
and Culture
User Interaction Design
Digital Illustration
Graphic Print Production
Page Layout Basics
Interactive Media Design
Web Design Principles
Portfolio 1
Higher Diploma Module List
Identity System Design
Advance Typography
Advance Layout & production
Publication Design
Brand Management
Design Studio 1/2
Advertising Design
Packaging Design
Design Project (IR)
Portfolio 2
Q&A: Admission Process
More To enquire more information about the programs, tuition fees, requirements for non-experienced designers, please fill in the enquiry form and we will contact you back as soon as possible! Let’s design your success and future together!
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