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Multimedia Design

sign up Multimedia Design is an exciting career choice if you love technology, have broad interest in media production and web design and have the creative passion of an artist. It will allow you to work in a wide range of media including print, web and broadcast as an artist/ designer.

The multimedia design industry is very fluid. Our syllabus is constantly evolving, not only in response to the technology itself, but also to evolving nature of the industry.

As a multimedia design graduate, additional skills gained will include graphic design, interface design, and information design. Your practical skills will include web design, motion graphics, print and video creation, animation and compositing.

Designers in this field may find themselves working on a number of aspects of one project. For example, a client may want brochures, a web site, a powerpoint presentation and a video to promote a new product. Multimedia designers have to be aware of the requirements of a variety of design mediums. 

This programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to work in this dynamic and exciting industry. With a sound knowledge of the basic principles associated with multimedia design and production, you will also be ideally placed to benefit from, and market your own special talents.
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For the top-up degree programme,
students must transfer to an overseas
Raffles College to complete their 3rd year bachelor’s
Diploma Module List
Computer Application
Colour for Designers
Drawing for Designers
Creativity and
Problem Solving
Design Principles
Digital Image
Processing (CAD)
Digital Photography
Basic of Typography
Design History and Culture
User Interaction Design
Digital Illustration
Animation Principles & 3D
Screenplay and Storyboarding
Interactive Media Design
Web Design Principles
Portfolio 1
Higher Diploma Module List
Identity System Design
Advanced Interactive
Media Design
Advanced Web Design
Video and
Audio Techniques
Brand Management
Design Studio 1
Advertising Design
Experimental Video
Design Project
Design Studio2
Portfolio 2
Q&A: Admission Process
More To enquire more information about the programs, tuition fees, requirements for non-experienced designers, please fill in the enquiry form and we will contact you back as soon as possible! Let’s design your success and future together!
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