Teaching Edge

At Raffles Academy, we always adhere to the following education and teaching characteristics, leading students to create a successful career and prepare for their personal developments, cultivating highly qualified professional talents who are able to adapt to global economic development for the society with international vision:
Professional courses that are relevant to the latest development of design and business with strong emphasis on cultivating students' originality and creativity

Raffles Academy crafts its professional courses that are closely related to the latest industry development, teaches students the professional knowledge in design and business corresponding to worldwide trends. The interactive teaching model between teachers and students guide students to work on originality and creativity to its fullest and cultivates innovative talents who can meet the developing requirements of the demanding industry.
Teaching curriculum is closely related to industry practices, honing designers’ creativity, innovation and practical application.

Raffles Academy focuses on the close combination of teaching process and industry practices, emphasizing training students' practical abilities. The close collaboration between school and enterprises creates high-level professionals for the relevant industries. Bountiful competition exposures at home and abroad can help students better relate to the industry developing trends in the learning process and establish their unique personality. Our compulsory internship semester and graduation show hones students' practical skills and operational abilities and cultivate outstanding talents.
A full range of career development services system will help improve students' professional qualities and competencies

The CPD (Centre of Professional Development) of Raffles Academy will improve students' professional qualities and competencies through a full range of career development services. Our step-by-step career planning programme will help students set professional goals quickly and plan their career development paths accurately. Our one-to-one professional career development counsellor will provide students the detailed guidance for employment and advancement. Our professional human resources services will also help to bridge the gap between students and world-renowned enterprises and help our students to stand out in the competitive market of postgraduate employment.
The diversified student services and supporting systems will help cultivate students' ability for sustainable growth

Our diversified student services will help to cater to the different needs of our students by pairing them with the relevant and suitable lecturer or counsellor to help improve their learning capabilities. Through the various Student Service activities, our students can develop their leadership abilities, management skills and self-assessment skills. Raffles Academy also cater to the continuous education group where students who wish to further their knowledge. This will help students to further developed their skills and abilities and achieve their goals of sustainable growth.
Corporate social resposibility within Raffles focuses on developing our students who can contribute positively to the society

As a global education corporation, Raffles believes strongly in cultivating a students' character and personality that can one day contribute positively to the society. Through exposure to our diversed community of teachers and students from different countries, students are able to comprehend and respect different cultures. Through various activities in environmental protection, charity and public welfare, students are trained to be responsible for themselves, for others, for the society and their senses  mission of being a global citizen.