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Student Life

The Student Administrative Service team provides academic management and support, such as administration of students' enrollment status, school timetable, tuition, results enquiry, change of personal information, student record file management and issuance of certificates.

In addition to that, SAS is responsible for keep up to date personal and next-of-kin information to ensure a seamless communication channel between the school and students. Transcripts, awards and other certificates are issued through SAS as well.

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●Term Commencement
Students will receive their schedule during the Orientation.
Lesson plans, course objectives and all other relevant information will be handed out by their respective teachers in class based on the planned schedule and students are strongly advised to approach the teachers if they do not have a copy. Students will also be informed of the recommended textbooks and are required to acquire them.
●Absence and Late Arrival of Student
Attendance is recorded at the beginning and the end of every lesson. All students are expected to be punctual for their lessons. The students will be given a period of grace of 15 minutes after class starts. If the student is late from more than 15 minutes, he/she will be marked as late. If the student is more than 30 minutes late, he/she will be marked absent. 2 late = 1 absent.
Students must complete and submit all assignments on time and as instructed by their lecturers and pass all the examinations. Late submission of assignments will incur penalties.
●Examinations Rules
The School examinations are scheduled in week 11 of every term and details will be given by your lecturers in week 1. The lecturers will inform students of the venue and dates and all students are required to attend. Absence from the examination will result in a failure unless evidence is provided because of extenuating personal circumstances or due to medical reason. Your lecturers must be informed prior to your absence and the School will consider granting an alternative date for the exam.