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With the development of fashion trends, design programmes have attracted more young students. However, they do not grasp the detailed insights of this programme. At the same time, parents are also worried about what their children’s future prospects and employment directions are if they pursue a design studies.

At Raffles Academy, students can interact with teachers who have abundant teaching and workshop experiences, as well as be hands-on and design their own garment artwork, mock up model of their ideal house or design a programme that represents the their own dreams.

For example, you can personally experience the process of making clothing in the creative class of fashion design. From pattern making to tailoring, you don't need to have any basic knowledge, our experienced teachers will give you careful guidance step by step. Finally, you will find out that you realize the leap from zero to one and gain your first works.

Whether you like fashion design, interior design, graphic design or multimedia design, you can find a group of friends who share with the same goals here. The star teachers with abundant experiences will help you open the door of creativity. Let's discuss about it together! Click Reserve

Actual Class Observation:

Many students and parents are interested in Raffles' training idea of creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship .Therefore, Raffles Academy provide the students and parents with the opportunity to walk into the real class and comprehend Raffles' global education concept and our practice-oriented curriculum characteristics up close.

Only if you make an appointment with our study consultant, you will have the chance to experience the real class of your interested programme. Then you can feel the charming teaching style of Raffles Academy teachers, get touched by the enthusiasm for learning of students as well as discuss your learning plan or design philosophy with our teachers and students.

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