Bespoke training can add value to your business. At RACE, we take your company's training gap very seriously. We go beyond the fact that your company have a training budget and is looking for good partners.
We want to provide real solutions with objective results.

We aim to train your staff in such a way that, by the end of the sessions, they will be able to bring back tools that they can really use during their daily job. In other words, we will measure, together with your HR and Managers, REAL and TANGIBLE improvements.

Why do we have do to so?
Because your company, for us, is unique as well as unique are your issues when it comes to improving your company’s Talents and Human Resources.

Therefore training has to be fully tailored and customized, or otherwise will be just a very general overview of common topics, without really going deep in the root of the gap.

That is why we do HAVE TO actually write every training course from scratch. We believe that a bespoke approach aids the transfer of learning, which is what training should be about.

The way to professionally and efficiently achieve this is only one: by means of Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

Please check our training needs analysis (TNA) page to know more.
1、Start with the objectives. We need to know what our client is trying to achieve.
2、Brainstorm all possible content that will meet these objectives.
3、Structure this content appropriately and add relevant topics that reflect the emphasis that the client wants to put on various elements.
4、Write the proposal to be discusses with the client, apply the changes discussed during the meeting and the write the whole program me to be delivered.

Benefits of bespoke

Above all, these are the 4 main benefits:
Tailored Content
Work directly with the trainer to develop a course that exactly meets your team’s requirements.
The in-house nature of bespoke training means your team can talk frankly and openly about specific sensitive problems you face.
Hold the course at a convenient time or when you need it. Spread the training over a series of shorter intensive courses or longer sessions.
Save time and money
Bringing a course in-house not only reduces the cost per delegate but also saves on travel expenses and time away from the office.
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Training Needs Analysis

When properly done, a needs analysis is a wise investment for the organization. It saves time, money and effort by working on the right problems. Organizations that fail to support needs analysis make costly mistakes; they use too much or too little training, or they use training but fail to follow up on it. A well-performed analysis provides the information that can lead to solutions that focus on the areas of greatest need.
At RACE we know how to tackle the training gap of our clients and partners, using several TNA (Training Needs Analysis) tools:
Assessment of the organization
Compiling research information for niche market
Customizing the training program to provide maximum benefit to client
Presentation of course contents to the client
Training delivery
Measure participants learning and feedback during/after training
Conduct training evaluation 2-3 months after training
Date to measure the progress and submit a detailed
Report to the client
Our training philosophy, which is based on the 4 RACE pillars Reflect, Analyze, Create, Empower, when applied to our corporate accounts, allow our professional trainers to perfectly meet the real needs of a company by means of the Customization process.
The advantage of a tailor made Training rely on the fact that it will become as important as any of the tools that the company uses on daily basis to address and rectify some of the issues created by constant changes in market.

Four Professional Solutions

Training Needs Analysis

Clients and Testimonial

The pay-off from all the hard work comes when, by the end of an important project, in which our clients have invested time and money, we receive compliments and appreciation for the job done and, what’s more important, for the results achieved.

There is great satisfaction in knowing you've done your job well and served your clients' interests. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing RACE with their testimonials.