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At Raffles Academy, our students’ success is our success.

At Raffles Academy Centre of Professional Development (CPD), we assimilate our students to the industry for:

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Raffles Academy prepares its students with professional development skills and provides resources in support of their careers. By forging an extensive strategic alliance with the industry, our team at CPD provides a seamless interface between industries and our students, opening a world of career opportunities for them.

In addition, Raffles Academy has the benefit of strong industry input to inject the latest industry practice and know-how into its curriculum and pedagogy. As a result of this close collaboration, our graduates are industry ready and can contribute immediately to their employers.

With the intricate knowledge of the industry, Raffles Academy is able to maximize its training to ensure a constant flow of competent professionals into the industry. In addition, our graduates are able to find jobs of their choice. In this way, we fulfill the career goal of our graduates and cater to the needs of the industry.